Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Backgrounds in Bridal Colors + News from our studio

We know our visitors have been enjoying  tweeting with us using our new free Twitter background sets, so we came up with a few more to post for you. Included here are four pretty pastels with lace panels and pale veiled centers.
You can find more new ways of tweeting with our backgrounds in our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using these four new backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

An added Note from our studio:
PPS is going to have to go offline for a time due to some technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you'll explore our Categories List while we're away.

PPSTweetsWithYou™: Lacey Bridal Backgrounds

Download HERE

Background Color: #C9B1EA
Color Coordinated Link Color: #E8E0F5

Download HERE

Background Color: #FCB7DD
Color Coordinated Link Color: #FEDAEE

Download HERE

Background Color: #A8D1F3
Color Coordinated Link Color: #DFECF5

Download HERE

Background Color: #EBC0B6
Color Coordinated Link Color: #F8E9E5

Credits: Digital Brushes by Obsidian Dawn, and expectacularmix.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Denim & Batik Twitter Backgrounds

We've recently put our collective toe in the water over at Twitter here at PPS, and so are experimenting with the many fun ways it is possible to decorate one's Twitter background.
Once we had mastered the concept (see our first experiments HERE), we were hooked!
So here we have a bouquet of brightly colored "embroidered" and "batiked' backgrounds for you, some with a real denim basis.
Background Colors you may use along with these:
Denim: #617AB2       Paisley Batik: #9412B4 or 5FAC5     Embroidered Tie Dye: 8B34CE
Color Coordinated Link #s:
Denim: (We recommend white for this one, which is neutral) #FFFFFF
Paisley Batik: (same) #FFFFFF
Embroidered tie Dye: (likewise) #FFFFFF

This was a fun project--I felt like I had traveled via time machine back to my embroidered jeans era.
You can find more fun ways of tweeting by accessing our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using any one of our new free Twitter backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

Denim & Batik Twitter Backgrounds

Paisley Batik

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Blues

Download HERE

Rainbow Embroidered Denim

Download HERE

Embroidered Tie Dye

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Filigree

Download HERE

Rainbow Paisley Denim Blues

Download HERE

Credits: Digital Brushes by fidget resources and iNDOdREAMIN

Friday, May 18, 2012

A New ColorMe™ Page: The Princess Charges the Lion

We found this gem of an antique children's book illustration at one of our favorite online resources, Wikimedia Commons. It's from a book entitled, curiously enough,"The Girl Who Pretended She Was a Boy." And as it is in the Public Domain, it is free to use for everyone. So we re-sized it and cleaned it up a bit so it could be used for coloring purposes--or whatever you wish.
While we have yet to research this book's history for you, we hope to be able to soon.
Meanwhile, pull out those colored pencils and those fine line markers as this one is surely calling for delicacy and care.
We hope you'll enjoy all our ColorMe™Page offerings here at PPS with your--
Happy Creativity!

PPSCOlorMe™Page: The Princess Charges the Lion

Download 300dpi Version HERE

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Victoria's Spring Walking Ensemble

Today we are offering yet another outfit for our paper doll, Miss Victoria Lacey, the first portion of whose story we will keep posted in her Dressing Gown and Visiting Dress posts until Monday morning of next week (May 21, 2012).
This time, our Victoria is ready to stride out walking in the fresh spring weather, hat, gloves and parasol at the ready.
This one had a shape which was a particularly easy one to refit for our doll, but the color quality is, we think, less than desirable. Still, kids may find it fun to play with, so it was decided to post it regardless of the final effect. As the series develops, our team is hopeful we may increase quality for our readers in order to provide doll outfits of a finer grade than this for playtime use.
Happy Creativity!

Victoria's Spring Walking Ensemble

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

Image source (before much altering by us)
New York Public Library  at

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our First Free Twitter Backgrounds!

We may now offer you free new themed ways in which to tweet: Chocolate Caramel Fudge; Sunshine & Butterflies; and Purple Dream. The first is a personal favorite, so much so it is now this possum's Twitter background.
Soon, we'll be tweeting quite regularly ourselves, including about all the latest news on PPS's ever growing stock of imagery. We hope you'll join us there for more fun.
Below, you'll note that not only are our backgrounds downloadable, but their screen shots are also on display for you, just a trifle foreshortened due to the positioning of the "dock" at the bottom of the screen of  this possum's home computer.
Also, we list the correct background color numbers to enter in the two slots provided at Twitter, one for the background, and one for the Links. That way, you'll have everything color coordinated to match.
Note: We have other new ways of tweeting in our Twitter background category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope to offer you many more choices as we go along, for fresh and seasonal looks on twitter. These were just by way of a little experimentation. I could see teenagers going for our purple color scheme, and moms going for our chocolate lovers' theme.
Enjoy your next tweet with your--
Happy (Twitter background) Creativity!

Chocolate Lovers' Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: 352003

Color Coordinated Link #: C8AE8C

How it looks on our screen

Sunshine & Butterflies Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: F4E37D

Color Coordinated Links #: C2A740

How it looks on our screen

Purple Dream Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background COLOR #: 8442C9

Color Coordinated Links #: 9962D2

How it looks on our screen

Credits: Digital Brushes by Nadine Pau from Brusheezy, and Obsidian Dawn

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Steampunk Style Fan Invitation/Ornament

Today's post is all about gears and bolts and Victorian style mixed together with a fan's design.
We've taken our Christmas fan and changed out its shape, narrowing it so more sections can be joined together, creating a variety of possibilities for you.
We've also left the message frames blank, so you can add your own hand lettering or rubber stamped letters, expressing your own choice of sentiment, such as "Happy Birthday" or "It's a Tea Party!" or, as illustrated below, "Steampunk Tea Party," even.
This has been made to accompany a brand new set of travels for our Steam Tea Travels sister blog. This time, we are heading for Cairo, Egypt where adventures abound!
Each sheet contains 18 fan sections, more than enough to create a variety of expressions.
I suppose you could also take your original down to your local copy center or extension and enlarge this one. And, as it was produced at 300dpi, it should look okay, provided you don't go overboard with the enlarging.  
There is a lot of fussy cutting involved in this project, we know, but it will have a lot of character at the end for all the work involved.
But. If you would rather keep it stylish and simpler, you could always simply cut the base gear bits away as you go, making a refined circle.
We'd like to recommend card stock for this project, along with a fetching grommet for the holes, or a bit of thin metallic braid. A bit of metallic super fine glitter might also go over well with your guests.
The 4:00 teatime could also be covered over with a different clock face with hands set for a different time (before you head for your copy center might be best here), but we here at PPS are awfully fond of our teatime, and thought it would be fun to include our teatime clock in this design.
No matter where we may roam during our Steam Tea Travels, for example, there is always time for a cup of tea at around 4:00 in the afternoon (or, 16:00 for our friends in the EU).  :)
We hope you'll enjoy our entire Steampunk Theme Party product line, which you may find more items for in our PPSPartyGear™ category.
Also, for our complete Steampunk-themed Category, you can go HERE.
Happy Steam-themed Creativity!

Steampunk Style Fan Party Invitation/Ornament

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Victoria's Visiting Ensemble

In Victorian times, it was considered the thing to use one's wardrobe from a different vantage point than we would today. 
Among the landed gentry (a class by itself, really), one would have found ladies and their daughters, once old enough, paying a polite visit or two during the proper calling hours. 
Calling clothes were slightly fussier than those one wore to market or in one's own home, being meant to impress.
Many rules of etiquette governed such visits, including that they should not exceed a certain length of time, along with which topics were considered valid. One gave one's calling card at the door to whichever servant answered the bell, and this was then taken to the lady or man of the house on a salver (or small  hand tray) specially designed for such a purpose.
Victoria, being unmarried, had to be chaperoned at all times, and also would not have had her own calling card. Instead, whichever adult she went out with might hand write her name on one of their own cards as a sign to the household of her accompanying said adult.
It is very starchy, I know, but the rules of etiquette were meant to screen visitors, and to keep the then considered less than desirable middle and lower classes from becoming members of Society.
Author Daniel Pool writes in his reference book, What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: 
      'If the lady of the house wished to see you, were invited to come inside and enter the drawing room (on the first floor [one above street level] in town houses, the ground floor in country mansions), the room in which a lady always received her visitors. If you were a gentleman, you took your hat and riding whip with you (umbrellas could be left downstairs), presumably to show you did not intend to stay long.
           'And nobody did, as a rule. If you were calling purely for the sake of formality, (weddings, for example, demanded calls; "not to wait upon a bride," says Mr. Woodhouse in Emma, "is very remiss.") you were expected to stay no more than fifteen minutes, and your call could be returned merely with a card [and which could be sent round by the lady via one of her footmen]. If another visitor appeared while you were making the polite chit-chat calls required, you eased your way slowly out, after an introduction--presuming it was to a socially inferior person, a social equal agreeable to being introduced, or a social superior who didn't mind--had been effected. No refreshments were offered, at least until the advent of afternoon tea in the latter part of the century.'
He goes on to say that topics of discussion might cover the weather, or other light subjects of equal safety. And one simply did not discuss in front of others anyone they mightn't know.
It occurred to me this morning [Monday, May 14] how we all kind of follow the same social patterning in our blogging nowadays which the Victorians were using in their way. We "pay calls" and leave "visiting cards", in a new way, just by using our avatars and visiting each other's blogs.....courtesy calls are still alive and well online, aren't they? :)
Our Victoria would have been trained from early on to follow the customs of her times, and to behave in a quiet, ladylike manner in various social situations, all of them fairly restrictive to her playful ways.
We hope you've enjoyed this little lesson in Victorian etiquette along with this latest in our set of clothes for our new paper doll, Miss Victoria Lacey.
Happy Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Visiting Ensemble

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

     Credits: Original 1893 image (prior to our fiddling) courtesy New York Public Library

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Victoria's Emerald Green Dressing Gown

Today, we have a unique treat in store for those of you sharing our new paper doll, Victoria Lacey, with your children. 
For we have our first portion of her story ready for you to print out, along with this new offering(available now only for a limited time basis, till Monday, May 21, 2012).
Our story is of a young woman whose responsibilities will be many in a very short time. She may be but 20 years of age, yet her family plays a special dual role in their community, and so our young lady must prepare and learn and grow up to become a sort of leading light, with duties to match.
All the same, her adventures show she's not quite ready to be as grown up as would be supposed. And it is up to her parents and her Aunt Mathilda to guide her final steps into mature adulthood.
This Victorian style story of ours is copyrighted (©2012 Rose H. McGuinn), with all rights reserved.
You are allowed one print-off, to be shared for home purposes only.
And this will be a limited time offer of only three weeks' duration. Which means that on Tuesday morning, May 22nd, it will be removed from Victoria's Page for good. So get 'em while they're hot!
In the story, you'll note there is a certain dressing gown being worn by our young heroine when she goes for a vacation of sorts from her studies to her Aunt's home. This is that very dressing gown.
We hope you'll enjoy all our PPSPlaytime™ offerings, including our paper doll, which is the first set in that series.
And Thank You for stopping by with more of your--
Happy Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Emerald Green Dressing Gown

Download Digi PNG HERE

DOwnload For Print Version HERE

Credits: Original 1890's image (prior to our fiddling) from
the New york Public Library at

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Antique Happy Birthday Bicycle Postcard

Today's offering is a front side-only image of a young boy riding a colorfully decorated bicycle. It's a Happy Birthday greeting card with a lot of charm, one we've held back on posting for a while. The truth is, we would normally have posted both sides of this card, except the reverse is pretty blah, with no redeeming value as far as looks go. It's even a bit too damaged to clean up for you.
But its front!
We truly love every bright feature of this little boy's cheering message, right down to his polka dotted uniform.
He looks like he could be riding in a his home town May Day parade, doesn't he? Too charming to be missed out on!
One more feature of note: We are offering this card at a slightly higher resolution than our usual 300dpi. This one was actually scanned in at a resolution of 400dpi, a factor we hope to enlarge on in our future scannings for you. 
We ask that you will please credit us wherever applicable with having supplied our time and effort, along with any of the Studio's private ephemera collection, by mentioning us in your posts and/or in the written materials lists for any art made using our stock. And Thank You!
Happy Creativity!

Happy Birthday Postcard Front 

Download 400dpi Version HERE

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Fairy Tale ColorMe™ Page

Today's post is for the child in us all. And I just love this image, don't you? It's simplicity belies a complex network of ideas which led to its lovely compositional structure and beautiful balance. 
In other words, it begs to be colored.
So we've cleaned it up for you and reset its size for your average print setup in most homes, with about a half inch margin all the way around it.
Hope you'll enjoy today's offering.
And thanks for stopping by here with your--
Happy Creativity!

PPSColorMe™Page: The Princess & the Pea
"I scarcely closed my eyes the whole night through."

Download For Print only HERE

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