Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Victoria's Emerald Green Dressing Gown

Today, we have a unique treat in store for those of you sharing our new paper doll, Victoria Lacey, with your children. 
For we have our first portion of her story ready for you to print out, along with this new offering(available now only for a limited time basis, till Monday, May 21, 2012).
Our story is of a young woman whose responsibilities will be many in a very short time. She may be but 20 years of age, yet her family plays a special dual role in their community, and so our young lady must prepare and learn and grow up to become a sort of leading light, with duties to match.
All the same, her adventures show she's not quite ready to be as grown up as would be supposed. And it is up to her parents and her Aunt Mathilda to guide her final steps into mature adulthood.
This Victorian style story of ours is copyrighted (©2012 Rose H. McGuinn), with all rights reserved.
You are allowed one print-off, to be shared for home purposes only.
And this will be a limited time offer of only three weeks' duration. Which means that on Tuesday morning, May 22nd, it will be removed from Victoria's Page for good. So get 'em while they're hot!
In the story, you'll note there is a certain dressing gown being worn by our young heroine when she goes for a vacation of sorts from her studies to her Aunt's home. This is that very dressing gown.
We hope you'll enjoy all our PPSPlaytime™ offerings, including our paper doll, which is the first set in that series.
And Thank You for stopping by with more of your--
Happy Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Emerald Green Dressing Gown

Download Digi PNG HERE

DOwnload For Print Version HERE

Credits: Original 1890's image (prior to our fiddling) from
the New york Public Library at nypl.org


artistamyjo said...

Ever so lovely.elegant too!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank You, Amyjo!
Always good to see you here!

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